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The nose is a fruit of the earth known since many centuries. Some historians trace the first mention of truffles as food in the days of Jacob, about sixteen hundred years before Christ. Sure is the use of high-quality truffles in the kitchen of the Greeks: the Athenianshonored the sons of Keripe for the mere fact that their father had invented new recipeswith truffles. The Greeks called him Hydnon (hence the term "idnologia" the science that deals withtruffles) or Hydra, the Latins call it Tuber, from the verb tumere (swell), the Arabs orRamech Alchamech Tufus Tomer and Kemas, the Spanish turma de tierra de tierra orCadilla, the French fraud (arising from the meaning of fraud linked to the play by Moliere"Tartuffe" in 1664, the British Truffle, then the Germans Hirstbrunst or Truffel.